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21st October 2018 
Equine Assisted Therapy . Me and Rooney

"When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves." V.E. Frankl

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy is a unique and powerful psychotherapeutic approach, shown to be extremely effective in helping with a diverse number of issues, both with children, adults and families.

Why use horses?

Horses are very sensitive to their environment, particularly to the humans who care for them, making them brilliant co-therapists. They are able to pick up on how a person is feeling, even emotions hidden to ourselves. In this way, a horse can act as a mirror: by observing how a horse responds under a person’s care and instructions, valuable insights can be found into both conscious problems and unconscious processes, such as coping methods and deep-seated thoughts and patterns of behaviour.

Once insight into issues and difficulties has been reached, by working through them with the horse, confidence is gained to confront similar situations in day to day life. To give an example, for someone struggling with self-esteem and anxiety, the act of leading a horse without fear or worry could promote a sense of achievement, self-worth and help provide courage to tackle anxiety producing circumstances.

The presence of the horse during sessions also carries the benefit of creating a relaxed atmosphere. Unlike traditional face-to-face therapy, the informal environment and focus of the horse can alleviate pressure felt to discuss personal issues. Due to this, Equine Therapy is particularly effective for children and young adults who may find the overall idea of therapy daunting.

How it works

The therapy is based around observation, discussion and performing simple tasks, such as grooming, leading, completing small obstacles courses and general interaction with the horse. Each task will be specifically based on the issues brought to the session. There is no riding involved and previous experience of horses is not necessary.

Adult Equine Therapy

Equine therapy can bring a fresh perspective to both current and long-standing issues, even those previously discussed and dealt with during traditional style therapy.

What to expect

- I offer a six week course or open ended long-term therapy
- Each session lasts 1.5 hours
- There will be an initial consultation to see if we are happy to work together. If you decide it is not for you, there is no obligation to continue.
- A contract, including terms for the sessions and confidentiality will be completed together.

Why chose me?

I have a great deal of experience with horses and have been a horse owner since I was a child. Being able to combine both passions of helping people through psychotherapy and horses has been a long-held ambition, one I am dedicated to developing wherever possible. I truly believe in the magic of horses, and have been privileged to witness the powerful changes their presence and intervention has had.

Child/Family Therapy

From experience, I have found it preferable to work with both the child experiencing issues and the primary care giver. Working in this way creates a safe place for an open, supportive relationship and also allows the parent to develop strategies on how to help their child in the future.

Equine Therapy can help with issues such as:

- Divorce
- Bullying
- OCD and unwanted habits
- Separation, social and general anxiety
- School refusers
- Performance and exam stress
- Confidence and self-esteem
- Anger
- Development into adolescence or young adulthood, including identity issues
- Abuse and trauma
- Living with a disability, and
- Diagnosis of mental health issues, including Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and ADD

Why chose me?

I have a current DBS check and have worked with children and young adults in a variety of settings for many years.

What to expect

- I offer a six week course or open ended long-term therapy
- Each session lasts 1.5 hours
- There will be an initial consultation to see if we are all happy to work together. If you decide it is not for you or your child, there is no obligation to continue
- For the six week course, it is preferred for the primary care giver to attend every session with the child
- For long-term therapy, as above, with the adult attending one in every six sessions after the initial course
- We will all sign a contract including terms for the sessions and confidentiality. If the child is too young to fully understand the contract, one will be completed together.


I am currently working from a small, privately owned stables in Staines-upon-Thames.

Roonie (pictured above) is a wonderful, friendly pony, ideal for the processes involved in Equine Therapy and especially for those that may have some fears interacting with horses.


1.5 hour session - 65

6 week course - 360 (payment required at the first session)

Please contact me for available concessions and, in the case of sessions for children, if you are going to be funded by your local council.