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20th April 2018 
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"The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free." R. May

About Psychotherapy

So many of us experience emotional distress and pain, such as depression, anxiety, acute loneliness or we struggle silently with stress, death of a loved one, illness, losing a job or relationship issues. So many of us do not have a safe place to come to grips with these issues. We can keep them wrapped up inside telling people we are fine when we are not. If we do discuss them with others we fear judgement or do not find what we need to cope.

In psychotherapy together we look at the underlying reasons of why you may be feeling or behaving in a certain way, this can include looking into your childhood. I also use a combination of different approaches and techniques, such as psycho-education which provides you with information which allows you to learn all about you, including internal resources, personal areas of strengths and weakness and your own coping strategies which enables you to make the changes you need to or find acceptance with the things you are unable to change. I also really listen to you and acknowledge your feelings without judgement or reprisal, as sometimes all we need is be heard and understood.

Other Therapies I Integrate Explained at a Glance:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is where the focus is on setting goals and giving you the tools to achieve them. Tools which you will carry forward with you in life to use whenever you need them.

Mindfulness is where we develop skills which allow you to relax, still your mind and live in the present, to stop racing or unwanted thoughts and to find self-compassion to live the life you want.

Dream Analysis is where we look at what your mind is actually messaging you about through your dreams. Sometimes this can act as a key to solving issues you may be facing.

Art Therapy is where the inner you is able to communicate and express itself without words, this can be especially useful when the right words cannot be found or could be too distressing to say out loud.

Play Therapy is a great way to connect and work with children, as children work through and issues which may be bothering them through play. My job here is to allow the space non-judgmentally without reprisal to work through what they need to. Be it issues over 'winning or losing' to parents separating, symptoms or diagnosis of ADHD or disability or if your child is showing emotional distress and you do not know the cause.

Play Therapy with adults can be successful particularly when our childhoods have been very painful or damaging, working through play the inner child can connect and heal.

Hypnotherapy is different to psychotherapy in that it treats patterns of thoughts or behaviours, which are ingrained within our unconscious minds, which no matter how much we talk about them do not change. Sometimes we need a physical intervention to shift the block or go into the unconscious mind and make the changes their.

All therapies or a combination of, can help you change how you view yourself and the world around you and how comfortable you are living in the world and even how comfortable you are in your own skin. Therapy really can set you free.

Please see FAQ for fees and terms.